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Dicora Urban Fit Vitamin Body Lotion, enriched with the nutritional goodness of walnut and almond to provide extra moisture and keep your skin in optimal condition. Designed to meet the demands of rigorous physical activity, this body care duo ensures hydration and nourishment for high-performance skin.


Infused with vitamin B, these products enhance skin resistance and promote a youthful and healthy appearance, allowing you to maintain peak performance throughout the day. The inclusion of milk protein, sweet cream body milk, and enveloping almond extract adds a delightful touch, keeping you feeling refreshed and invigorated.


Dicora Urban Fit Body Cream is a fragrant and charming moisturizer that leaves your skin looking incredibly attractive with continuous use. It deeply hydrates and nurtures the skin, providing optimal care and nourishment.


Dicora UF Body Milk Vitamin B Almonds And Nuts 400ml

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