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Dicora Urban Fit Vitamin Hand Soap Gel, a nourishing and moisturizing body wash gel that offers a delightful and sweet experience with its enveloping peach extract. Enriched with milk body wash proteins, this hand soap provides essential hydration and care for your skin.

Infused with vitamin A, this hand soap works to improve skin resistance, keeping it youthful and healthy. The milk protein-rich, sweet, and enveloping peach extract creates a refreshing sensation, leaving your skin feeling revitalized and invigorated.


Formulated with 94% natural origin ingredients, Dicora Urban Fit Vitamin Hand Soap prioritizes the well-being of your skin and the environment. Its high moisture content, twice that of Citrus & Peach, ensures intense hydration and a luxurious bathing experience.


Indulge your senses and pamper your skin with Dicora Urban Fit Vitamin Hand Soap. Elevate your hand hygiene routine with this exceptional product, and let its nourishing properties leave your skin feeling refreshed, moisturized, and deeply cared for.


Dicora UF Nourishing Hand Soap VIT C Citric And Peach 500ml

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