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Dicora Urban Fit Shampoo, suitable for everyone. This exceptional shampoo is formulated with 92% natural origin, ensuring a gentle yet effective cleansing experience. It boasts twice the moisture content of Max Repair, providing unparalleled hydration for your hair.


Dicora Urban Fit Shampoo for Damaged Hair is a luxurious treat enriched with the indulgent benefits of macadamia. Pamper yourself with this nourishing shampoo that works tirelessly to repair, restore, and protect your hair, leaving you with a truly "WOW" result.


Infused with the finest organic protein extracted from the purest cereals, this shampoo acts as a powerful shield against external agents that can compromise the smoothness and health of your hair. Experience the transformative effects as your hair is fortified, revitalized, and shielded from further damage.


Enhance your hair care routine with Dicora Urban Fit Shampoo for Damaged Hair. Let the macadamia extract and organic proteins work their magic, giving you the luscious, healthy hair you deserve. Purchase now and witness the remarkable difference for yourself.


Dicora UF Shampoo Max Repair 400ml

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